Friday, October 14, 2011

May god bless me !

Yes yes, editing professions, I edit it in a rush, of course the quality is quite low, it was previously as a purpose of entertainment at my facebook account but i am making a full use here

I had taken quite a long pause due to academic needs and exams all the way. Finally I am able to squeeze out some of my times, also I was not really taking a break, I had been planning ways to improve the way of giving information
I had been planning a new character , yes a new Bishop, got it to Lv120 in 19 days by just Party-Questing, and going fine with it, some of my kind friends sponsored NX and pets to aid me in enhancing my gaming experience and efficiency, Thank you you guys !

I am now a Lv151 Bishop. I think raising it more should be fine, so that I could go for any new contents as much as possible.
Also, by pictures or words, you guys won't know much about the latest contents, so I had bought a new laptop for these uses.
The new laptop enables me to :
- Record high-quality videos with sounds !
- Increase the efficient in editing photos
- Increase the efficient in posting, taking ingame photos

And of course the 4th term had officially opened for applications, just today, I immediately applied.
Hope that I could get in, I really find accurate information collecting hard without a KMS(T) account
So, may god bless me

A big thank you for my loyal fans who still view my blog even though only the novel is up-to-date while contents update are temporarily paused.

Back to the main topic, few weeks ago Nexon began having a poll on the website on "Which job do you want to see a change?"
Then every classes got quite an amount of votes.

Nexon had made up their mind, rather to nerf the Legends, why don't they buff the other classes?
The name of this REALLY MAJOR update has not been mentioned or decided yet.
However, the targets are set in portion.

As an appetizer, they decided to start off with Resistance , Aran and Evan revamps.
Knights of Cygnus, Ultimate Adventurers and Magician, Warriors and Bowmen will get their updates on November
The Main spotlight will be laid on Pirates and Thieves. They promised A COMPLETE change for both classes on December as the very climax of the Winter break major update.

So wait to see, wait to expect what will happen during this sweet winter !
That is all.

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  1. you even put the Chinese name on it, very thoughtful ^^
    i hope the bowman revamp would be another buff, though the current change has already improved a lot i think.