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[UPDATED]Reorganization I (KMST)

Now , the Revamps have arrived ! Bringing along with the LONG-AWAITED ELINFOREST EXPANSION !
Noted : Info is still unofficial as I don't have a KMST account for now , beg god to let me in for the 4th term.

Thanks god to Fiel from Southperry had finished extracting the important data !

Reorganization Round I :
Resistance, Aran and Evan.

Notes :
Offensive Skill

Buff Skill

Passive Skill

The once-frozen and now awakened hero - ARAN

The Dragon Master - Evan

(Author 's comment : It's all mainly about speed up speed up since Chaos)


The Profession of Auras - Battle Mage

(Author 's comment : Aura changes are hot enough)

Credits to Max
All auras have new animations and CAN BE ON SIMULTANEOUSLY NOW
Battle Mage 1st Job
Triple blow
hits 8 monsters and further in range now horizontally, damage buffed from 105% to 130%

Finish Attack
has its damage has been increased from 340% to 380%, attacks 8 monsters at once (Previously 6)
510% damage at 2nd job, 660% damage at 3rd job, 840% damage at 4th job

Ignores 20% defense rate (PDRate) when attacking
Ignores 25% PDR at 2nd job, 30% PDR at 3rd job while 35% PDR at 4th job)

Battle Mage 2nd Job
Quad blow hits 8 monsters and further in range now horizontally, damage buffed from 180% to 200%

(NEW SKILL) High Wisdom
Master Level : 10.
Increases INT permanently by 40

Advanced Dark Chain is the new Dark Chain now in terms of animations, damage,range,monsters involved.
Damage buffed from 310% to 410%, pulls 8 monsters , stuns for 6 seconds instead of 4 seconds now.
Blue Aura has been shifted to 3rd job.
Battle Mage 3rd Job

Quintuple blow hits 8 monsters and further in range now horizontally, damage buffed from 115% to 140%
Dark Lightning hits 8 monsters now, damage buffed from 1000% to 1040%
Blue Aura (Shifted), increases MaxHP by 250, Defense by 25%, 30% damage is distributed among the party, 20% damage absorption.
Advanced Dark Aura (Shifted from 4th job), Master Level lowered to 10.Buffs original Dark Aura damage bonus by 20%, deals 100% damage constantly to approached monsters. Magic Attack is increased by 30 passively.
Conversion has its buff duration increased to 180 seconds (Previously 120 seconds)
Stance (Shifted from 4th job), Master Level lowered to 10, 300 seconds of gaining 95% immunity against monsters ' knockback.
Advanced Blue Aura has been shifted to 4th job.

Battle Mage 4th Job

Finishing blow hits 8 monsters and further in range now horizontally, damage buffed from 145% to 180%
Advanced Blue Aura(Shifted from 3rd job) increases Blue Aura 's damage absorption ability by 5% and has a Master Level of 30, increases party members’ defense by 90%, passively increases status and elemental resistance by 30% .
Twister Spin moves with 20% speed bonus and deals 600% damage (Previously 1000% damage)
Dark Genesis now deals 2000% damage (Previously 1800%)
Energize has its Master Level increased to 30 and increases both MaxHP and MaxMP by 30%, both Weapon and Magic defense by 450% as well.

The Sniper on a Jaguar - Wild Hunter
(Author 's comment : Jaguar sure is more like a Jaguar now, in terms of mobility)
Adjustments :
Further Range of picking up items when riding a Jaguar

NEW Jaguar species as soon as you finished the new Union Quest
Picture credits to Max.

Wild Hunter 1st Job

Triple Shot has its damage increased from 93% to 120%
Jaguar Rider increases Critical damage by 8% now. Double Jump moves with further distance now.

Wild Hunter 2nd Job

Ricochet has its damage increased from 310% to 360%, hits up to 8 monsters now.
Jaguar-oshi has its Master Level decreased to 10, MP consumption decreased from 19 to 15 MP per use, Buff duration increased from 90 seconds to 170 seconds, if spit the monsters, deals 1200% damage instead of 800% damage.
Jaguar-Roar hits 8 monsters now, damage increased from 230% to 280%.
(NEW Skill)Fitness Training
Master Level : 10.
Increases both STR and DEX by 30 permanently.

Wild Hunter 3rd Job
Feline Beserk has been shifted to 3rd job and renamed as Beast Transform
Master Level : 30
Temporarily increase MaxHP by 80%, Weapon Attack by 20%, Moving Speed by 15% ,lasts 120 seconds

Blind has its Master Level decreased to 10. Decreases Monsters' PDRate / Defense Rate by 50% for 160 seconds as well as decreasing the accuracy by 20% for 10 seconds at a chance of 30%
has its damage increased from 190% to 300%, hits up to 8 monsters
Enduring Fire
has the damage increased from 144% to 184%

Wild Hunter 4th Job

Wild Arrow Blast
has its damage increased from 220% to 270%.
Sonic Roar
has its damage increased from 850% to 950%.
Flash Rain (Exploding Arrow) has its damage increased from 100% to 180% and stuns monsters at 100% chance.

Stink Bomb Shot can no longer decrease Monsters' PDRate,however only needs 10 levels to be maxed and increases Monsters' EXP by 40%

(NEW Skills)
Advanced Final Attack
Increase Weapon Attack by 20 and Accuracy by 10%, 70% to deal 210% damage of Final Attack
on monsters.

The All-rounded Machine Expert - Mechanic

(Author 's Comment : This is a real machine, more functional than last time)

Mechanic 1st
Metal Armor: Prototype improves transportation speed by 20% now.
Flamelauncher burns 8 monsters at once, the flame can last for 12 seconds and can affect victims with 8 seconds of D.o.T, deals 80% damage now.

Gatling Shot
has its damage increased from 70% to 80%
Drill Rush
has its damage increased from 150% to 180%.

Mechanic 2nd

Atomic Hammer smashes 8 monsters now, damage dealt has been increased from  430% to 460%.
Mechanic Mastery enhances Critical rate
by 10% now.
Rocket Booster has its damage increased from 160% to 200%, hits up to 6 monsters at all levels.

Mechanic 3rd Job

Rocket Punch has its damage increased from 570% to 640%.
Satellite has its damage increased from 210% to 240%.
Mech : Heavy Machine Gun no longer has cool down, can be toggled on and off anytime.

Mechanic 4th
Mech : Missile Tank  has its damage increased from 100% to 120%.
Laser Blast also hits 8 monsters and deals 500% damage now (Previously 360%), Skill Delay has been decreased from 1470 milliseconds to 1080 milliseconds.Giant Robot SG-88 has its damage increased from 1250% to 1440%
Mech: Siege Mode has its damage increased from 95% to 115%


ElinForest maps are all reorganized, level ranges are from Lv90+ to 110+
Residents no longer ill-treat you, they will talk to you and ask for your help to save Elin Forest now.

NEW, detailed world map has been added !

The Boss - Crow , other than high speed and damage, is nothing, just an appetizer to the maplers. You will need his horn to complete one of the quests in Elin Forest.
While for the main point of the New map - The poison forests of the fairies.

Has great speed
Main Point : She has the new skill - Temptation
What is Temptation? Just like the name, after using the skills (The spinny effects you saw in the detailed world map), you will be automatically moving towards the right hand side (Works like how Akyrum 's seduce was)

She knows all kinds of diabolical attack skills ! Including the Cygnus 's Tornado , her version - Wings Storm.
You will be surrounded by powerful storm of butterflies and get constant 200 damage while it lasts for a while.

Her FULL-Map attack is known as Fairyshock, jolting you with electricity (Cygnus 's Dark Genesis much?)

Like what had Cygnus done last time, this Fairy stole Fire/Poison Arch Mage skill - Mist Explosion :(

Fiery Strike
When she dies, she will drop an Exclusive item, known as Ring of Epicatania.

Average Stat :
All Stat +2
HP , MP + 50
Weapon, Magic Attack +1
Weapon,Magic Defense + 45
Accuracy, Avoidability +14

Completing all the quests will get you an "Elin Forest Saviour" medal

Elin Forest Saviour
Untradeable, One-of-a-Kind Item
REQ Level : 105

Weapon Attack +1
Magic Attack +1
Weapon Defense + 90
Magic Defense +90
Accuracy +40
Avoidability +40
Speed + 7
PvP Damage +1

Interface Changes:

- New Interface Window for Event items

- New function ! Skill animations Quality Adjustment
To prevent much lesser lag or freezes, you can even adjust your skill effects graphics now !

Credits to Sonic

Please stay tuned for updated info
Thank you ! <3

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