Monday, June 25, 2012

Auralogy - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Made on 12th December 2011, Revised on the date specified.
Bloodshed Saint

No mercy in a fight or you would die tonight.

The warm sunlight sneaked into an occupied classroom in Allocer High; Comfortable enough it was to make the class alive. The teacher was teaching Chemistry and Ryan stared at the vacant seat nearby as he gasped. None of the chemical equations or calculations on concentrations of both reactants and products written on the blackboard could get his attentions. He decided to spit his feelings out through words on his notes and he folded one to be passed to Winry who sat beside him. He asked about the Jackie’s absence in his note and Winry had a pause from her noting. She replied very quickly and the reply was “I have no idea”. “Maybe he was just sick of having more impact with us”, that was what Lukas wrote as he assumed so when Winry who sat by his side passed him the note. The note was then passed back to Ryan. Fortunately, the teacher enjoyed teaching her favourite Chemistry so much until she didn’t notice that her students were chit-chatting via folded notes and was still talking about the livelihood between Alkanes and Alkenes enthusiastically. Ryan almost had both of his eyes popped out upon seeing Lukas’s brilliant guess written on the paper. “It can’t be, it’s so ridiculous that even an ostrich won’t believe it” He tried to calm himself down by telling himself that Lukas’s assumption was absolutely wrong.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Auralogy - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Made on 7th December 2011, Revised on the date specified.

I am alone all the time, but it’s alright; Being alone or not, I don’t care.

Jackie curled himself up on his plain white bed and gazed into nothingness. The bright and dark sands flowed with a continual pace in the hourglasses as times went. This is Jackie’s Heart Room, filled with nothing else other than myriad hourglasses and clocks. Conspicuously, a huge hourglass filled with bright sand at the lower bulb and dark sand at the topper bulb showed up in his room. The sands in both sides of the bulb flowed towards the neck together very slowly and something rather noticeable was blocked from sight behind the giant hourglass, perhaps it’s something that could not be removed yet could fill Jackie with anguish even with just a glimpse. Jackie gasped and turned to the other side of his bed to avoid a direct vision to the giant hourglass.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Friday, October 21, 2011

[UPDATED]Reorganization I (KMST)

Now , the Revamps have arrived ! Bringing along with the LONG-AWAITED ELINFOREST EXPANSION !
Noted : Info is still unofficial as I don't have a KMST account for now , beg god to let me in for the 4th term.

Friday, October 14, 2011

May god bless me !

Yes yes, editing professions, I edit it in a rush, of course the quality is quite low, it was previously as a purpose of entertainment at my facebook account but i am making a full use here