Friday, August 26, 2011

[Updated]Revamp Revamp Revamp (I) : MONSTER CARNIVAL !

Recently, a few patches went on in KMST, including Aran and Evan revamp, Past leafre. Now they began to aim Mulung Dojo and Monster Carnival
The pictures are all from a korean player

Monster Carnival Season I and Season II have been merged into one.
You'll have to be at least Lv30 and a maximum of Lv200.
You're allowed to join 5 times a day.
If you online between 8 a.m. until 12 a.m. , you'll receive Monster Carnival invitation quest at the selected time at every  x : 45 am / pm or x : 15 am / pm (which means a quarter to what time or a quarter past what time between 8-12 am) 
All people who attended will be distributed into a party randomly. 


You will be inside the waiting room with a waiting time of 1minute

원본 크기로 보시려면 그림을 클릭하세요.
You will be sent into a room (Like the usual Monster carnival)


원본 크기로 보시려면 그림을 클릭하세요.
With these cute little monsters

The EXP is this high.. According to your Levels.

(Under Constructions)

Toy Trojan, King Rombot, Retz , King Block golem will be summoned according to the room you got 

It depends on how much you killed and how often did you die on calculating scores...

Amount of EXP gained

You can exchange items with the coins
Additional Info:
- You will be distributed into a fixed channel according to your level range.
- Different Level ranges different monster levels.
For Example, once you're Lv100 and above, the monsters inside would be at the maximum of Lv106 (King Rombot)
- If you either at a harsh luck or accepting the invitation too late, you might be distributed into a party but you'll not be sent into one of the room
-As usual, you might be in room 1 - 6 (Monster Carnival 1) if you 're Lv70 below, you will be in Monster Carnival II if you're Level 71 above.
- There will be a ranking like PvP. The final EXP that is given by Mr.Spigelmann is highly depends on the amount of Carnival Point you get.
- When you summon monsters, you're summoning for your own team.
- Carnival Point only will go into somebody who actually killed the monster at the final blow.
If A killed King Block Golem until 10% HP, and a B (Demon Slayer) used his ulti and immediately slayed the golem, the point will be given to B.
 - Maple Coins will be given at the exit depending on your ranking, if you're the first top 3 or 4 people on the ranking, you will obtain 10 coins (Maximum), the number of coins will go down to 7 or to 5 as your ranking goes down.
- You can still obtain the classic Spigelmann 's Necklace and Necklace of Chaos during the mentioned time period (Limited)
- No Spigelmann 's Marbles for you to upgrade.

Rewards :

Spiegelmann 's Luxurious Cape

Req Level: 70
STR: +2
DEX: +2
INT: +2
LUK: +2
WDEF: +30
MDEF: +30
Charm EXP: +30
Charisma EXP: +30
5 slots

Requirement : 150 Maple Coins

Spigelmann 's Luxurious Bowtie

Requirement : 100 Maple Coins
Req Level: 60
STR: +5
DEX: +5
INT: +5
LUK: +5
WDEF: +55
MDEF: +55
Speed: +5
Jump: +3
Charm EXP: +30

Spiegelmann 's Luxurious Set effects :
2 Items: 

Weapon Attack: +2
Magic Attack: +2
All Stat: +3
WDEF: +100
MDEF: +100

3 Items: (the 3rd item is Spigelmann 's Mustache from Monster Park)
Weapon Attack: +3
Magic Attack: +3
All Stat: +5
HP: +200

Spigelmann 's Cheer !

Increase Weapon and Magic Attack by 20 , Speed by 20 and Jump by 10

Obtained if you ever fail to enter Monster Carnival.

Spigelmann 's Signature

Spigelmann gave me a signature , what kind of use does it have? Maybe something good will happen if I collect 10 of them ...

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